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Posted on January 08 2018

Lagenlook Clothing

I'm growing more and more fond of Lagenlook Clothing. The style is so comfortable I wish I had found it years ago. It's natural fibres all the way for me too, they feel so good on your skin and allow it to breath.

I find it complimentary to my figure. Being curvy it fits well. 

Linen is my favourite in the Lagenlook Clothing range. Now with Christmas and New Year behind me I am thinking ahead to a nice holiday. There is nothing nicer than a quality linen dress or linen trousers when you are in a hot country. Lagenlook is perfect for the warmer weather, I'm in love with the new Grace range we create, pretty bloomers and frilled tunics, it's so pretty and feminine but practical too!

Lagenlook Clothing is a layering style so teaming these linen garments with tunics, long shirts and great accessories really creates a relaxed look. With the quirky asymmetric design, large buttons, pockets and like it makes it a unique look too.

Here at Plus Size Lagenlook we cater for the beautiful fuller figure. Lagenlook Clothing style is perfect for this. We love the look of oversized clothing made from high quality linen and cotton layered throughout. With drapes and tucks and quality cloth, this look is perfect for every woman. Most women who consider themselves larger sized tend to love this look. 

We pride our designs on being wearable, whether it be casual for work, cool and comfortable for holidays or relaxed for everyday wear. Sometimes described as Boho, Vintage or Victorian it certainly has a feel that is unlike anything else.

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  • Julie Deacon: February 17, 2019

    Just to let you know I bought the Alexis grey coat couple of weeks ago.
    I have so many comments on how much people like it. 2 strangers spoke to me about it.
    It’s lovely and warm.
    Only thing is it’s a bit rough but suppose that’s the wool.
    But I love it. It’s great

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